PA Spotlight: Immigrant Youth Project

Practicing Anthropology aims to highlight and promote anthropologists using their skills both inside academia and out. The Immigrant Youth Project is a wonderful organization where anthropologists are doing significant and important work.

immigrant youth

The Immigrant Youth Project is a collaborative research study supported by the National Science Foundation and conducted by researchers at the University of South Florida and the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute at the George Washington University.

We are collecting stories about the experiences of immigrant young adults living in Florida to understand their social and emotional well-being.

We hope to share the insights of our findings with policymakers, advocates, teachers, counselors, and community members to address the experiences of immigrant youth.

The research team cares about the significance of our work among immigrant communities across the United States and we have partnered with several organizations who directly engage with these populations such as United We Dream and the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

Website: http://immigrantyouth.com/


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