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The Spiritual Polishing of a Battle Fatigued Paratrooper: Collaborative Writing and Noetics in Fieldwork By Katinka Hooyer with Dan Kasza

See the summer issue of Practicing Anthropology (coming soon) for this article and more of Dan’s art.

“The following creative prose, Psychedelic Healing: The Spiritual Polishing of a Battle Fatigued Paratrooper, is a culmination of collaborative writing experiments designed to uncover noetic experiences. We define the noetic as deeply insightful moments of knowing that are life-altering but difficult to describe. The writing experiments, intended to elicit these moments, evolved into a method to collect sensitive data around military war trauma and the ritual use of psycho-active substances to heal from those traumas.”


Kasza PA40 all rights reserved by artist

Project by Dan Kasza

All images created and owned by Dan Kasza. Contact the artist for permission to use these images.


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