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Summer issue is out!

Our summer issue is out. We are excited to share the work of collaborating authors in this issue of Practicing Anthropology. Check out the content and download the issue from a library or the SfAA website ASAP. We look forward to your thoughts and ideas related to this issue.


Lisa Jane Hardy 

First Person
4 Politicians, Their Misphilosophy of Fear, and Our Hope
Arturo Magaña 

8 The Spiritual Polishing of a Battle Fatigued Paratrooper: Collaborative Writing and Noetics in Fieldwork
Katinka Hooyer with Dan Kasza 

12 City of Cats: On walking and Fieldwork in Jakarta
Kevin Brown 

14 Exploring an Artists Intangible and Material World
Juliette Harvey 

18 Vive Carnaval
Carolyn Merritt 

20 Undead Autoethnography
Michael Adair-Kriz 

23 Same-Gender Biracial Parenthood and the True Cost of Raising a Transgender Teen: An Ethnographic Case Study
Muriel Vernon 

27 Lost in Translation: Anthropological Reflections on Cancer Survivorship in Primary Care
Ellen Rubinstein 

31 Seeking the American Dream Along the U.S.-Mexico Border: Transnational Students and Implications for Education and Border Security Policies
Maria Cristina Morales and Juan Mendoza 

35 Engaging Latino Patients in Diabetes Research: What We are Learning
Janet Page-Reeves, Lidia Regino, Maria Tellez, Blanca Pedigo, and Esperanza Perez 

40 “Let the Horse Run”: Assessing the Potentiality, Challenges, and Future Sustainability of CHWs in Indiana
Ryan I. Logan 

45 Unmanaging Managed Care: The Challenges of Privatizing Medicaid in Illinois
Matt Dalstrom, Kim McCullough, and Miaake Slayton


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