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Exploring an Artist’s Intangible and Material World

What can anthropology bring to the arts and what can the arts bring to anthropology? Exploring an Artist’s Intangible and Material World considers this.


Mosse works with materials such as briquette ash, nails and dust. When completed the Materials Library for What’s with the Apocalypse? contained over seventy materials. Displayed against a backdrop of water and the gallery’s landscape.The library incorporated the immersive qualities of virtual reality, through a series of 360° panoramic images accessed by virtual reality headsets. The images were captured in the artists studio and the rural Irish landscape before the artworks were transported to the gallery. 
Mosse supported the idea as it was in keeping with his wish to provide people with a deeper understanding of his work. In support of the project, Jeff Harvey captured the 360° images of the studios and generously provided headsets for the library.

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