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Are you new to the world of publishing? Do you have something important to say? Listen to this podcast hosted by Heritage Voices featuring the editors of several journals including PA.

Publishing – Episode 19

Trival Views of History, Anthropology and Archaeology.jpg

On Today’s episode, Jessica hosts a panel focused on publishing. The panel includes Dr. Lisa Hardy (Editor of one of the Society for Applied Anthropology’s (SFAA) journals, Practicing Anthropology), Sarah Herr (Editor of one of the Society for American Archaeology’s (SAA) journals, Advances in Archaeological Practice), Dr. Kathleen Van Vlack (Editor of the High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology’s (HPSFAA) journal The Applied Anthropologist), and Dr. David Martinez (Akimel O’odham, Associate Professor of American Indian Studies at Arizona State University). Unfortunately, due to some last minute technical difficulties, Lyle was unable to join the call as co-host and panelist. Also, we actually recorded this episode back in March, so you may notice that things we mentioned happened awhile ago, so sorry about all that. We talked about everyone’s experience with publishing, tips for those who are interesting in publishing, challenges with diversity in publishing, and where they would like to see publishing going in the future. These amazing editors look forward to working with you towards publishing in their journals!

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