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Upcoming Issue highlight. The art of Salam Noah.

Hope Behind the Shadow of Pain!

Figure 7 Hope Behind The Shadow Of Pain!

I will draw my dreams

on the wall of hope.

A hope of finding home

Hope of going to school

Hope of holding my parent’s

Hands and walk through the darkness without feeling scared.

It seems hard, but from the

Heart of disaster I will be waiting

For somehow everything

To come to an end.

And see the light behind the darkness

And remember always

When life give you all reasons

To give up…Don’t.

Don’t let the stumbles on the round stop the journey.

Stay strong and think of that word…which it calls…“HOPE”!!



Salam Noah (, twenty-nine years old, from Iraq, has taken up painting while living in Greece and waiting for his family’s asylum case to be processed. “I just started one year ago, without taking classes or anything, just on my own. I wanted to paint to deliver a message through my paintings, to tell everyone what it is like to live a refugee life, how we feel, and how hard it is to fight for a better and safer life. I want everyone to know about our situation.” Noah also plays three instruments; saz, oud, and guitar. He plays music everyday as a way to express his feelings and frustrations. He compares his painting to playing music: “It’s just a way for us to express ourselves, to have our voices heard, and to show that we, refugees, paint and play music. We are just like you. In the end, we are all just human beings.” Noah has painted over 100 paintings and has exhibited his work in Switzerland, Spain, Holland, and the United States. You can see more of his work (which is also available for purchase) @SalamNoahART.

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