Climate Change, Creative, Current Issue

Take a Look at Potential Future: 2050 By Margaret White in the Current Issue of PA!

White_Margaret_Potential_Future_2050 (3)The conversation around climate change today is polarized. Rather than continuing the current “us vs. them argument,” art can help shift our mentality toward fixing what we know to be problematic. Attracting conservative support by leading with energy variety, technological innovation, and potential jobs is an attempt to cross the bridge and unite conservative, moderate, and liberal viewers. Issues like water scarcity, land use, and conservation require multiple perspectives because they affect diverse groups in varying ways. As each instance of environmental damage creates a large-scale problem, many ideas and people need to come together to create lasting change. Collaging the ideas into one whole image using separate parts and manipulating the visual perspective and image hierarchy helps highlight the different aspects of climate change and its potential solutions.

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