COVID-19, Current Issue, Research

Summer 2020 Issue

Summer of 2020 and social scientists are hard at work. Check out what some of us are doing in our latest issue of Practicing Anthropology.


Covid & Indian Country: Being Indigenous in Corona Virus World…

By Michael-Kickingbear Johnson

A Psychologist Responds 

By Rebecca Wald

The Impacts of COVID-19 on Birth Practices in the US 

By Robbie Davis-Floyd, Kim Gutschow, and David A. Schwartz

Africans Combatting COVID-19 in Song and Music

By Eric E. Otenyo

Anthropology in emergencies: The roles of anthropologists during the COVID-19


By Inayat Ali

Patterns of Virus: Navigating the Social Contours around SARSCoV2 and COVID19

By Miles J. Fahlman

COVID-19 Pandemic Response: Using Reflection to Sustain Critical Engagement During a Global Public Health Crisis

By Alex Otieno


Decolonizing the Arabic Classroom: Including Amazigh Histories and Cultures

By Mounia Mnouer

Dialogue on Immigration Policies

By Bonnie McCormick and Kayla Torres Morales

Social Constructions, Historical Grounds

By Shay-Akil McLean

Playing / Working

By Pamela Runestad

Valuable Voices: Teaching with The Society for Applied Anthropology Oral History


By Juliana McDonald

Partners, not Adversaries: Higher Education and Diverse Schools

By Edmund T. Hamann

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