Climate Change, COVID-19, Current Issue, Research

Fall 2020 Issue

Fall 2020 and social scientists are hard at work. Check out what some of us are doing in our latest issue of Practicing Anthropology.

Continuing On

Making Native Art Known During Pandemic Times
By Gwendolyn Saul

Shifting Landscapes of Belonging: Birth Doulas and COVID-19
By Angela N. Castañeda and Julie Johnson Searcy

Bordertown Blues and COVID-19
By Sonja Michal Smith

Food Access in the Time of COVID-19: Reflections of the U.S. Food System during a Pandemic
By Jacquelyn N. Heuer, Gabrielle R. Lehigh, Karen Díaz Serrano, Nancy Romero-Daza, and David Himmelgreen

An Autoethnography of Fieldwork
By Jennifer Chisholm

The Interplay of Words and Politics During COVID-19: Contextualizing the Universal Pandemic Vocabulary
By Inayat Ali and Robbie Davis-Floyd

People Watching and (not) Playing Keno
By Oralia Gómez-Ramírez

Walking, Talking, and Tasting with Winegrowers in Central Ohio and Eastern France: Sensorial Approaches to Making Sense of Climate Change
By Mark Anthony Arceño, M.A.

Steam Presser
By Linda Rabben

Colleagues and Friends: When Collaboration Becomes a Win, Win, Win – The Botanical Research Institute of Texas and Maya Research Program Work Together to Help an Archaeology Project Better Interpret and Protect a Small Portion of Rain Forest.
By Grace Lloyd Bascopé, Thomas Guderjan, and Will McClatchey

COVID-19 & All the Things That Kill Us: Research Ethics in the Time of Pandemic
By Elizabeth Marino, Joyce Rivera-Gonzalez, Mara Benadusi, Alexa Dietrich, Mo Hamza, Alessandra Jerolleman, and Adam Koons

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