CFP for the spring SfAA meetings – Anthropology’s Contribution to Research and Action on Covid-19

SFAA Paper Session Proposal: Anthropology’s Contribution to Research and Action on Covid-19

Co-chairs Leah Mundell and Lisa Hardy

In 2020 researchers across the globe have quickly embarked on data collection, documentation, and implementation related to COVID-19. Please join us to discuss your current COVID-19 research and ideas of transforming research results from anthropology into actionable steps that resonate with health professionals, organizers, and policy makers. With a focus on health equity, inequality, social justice, policy, and future pandemic response, we invite you to come together to share needs and ideas for turning research into practice for better futures related to global crises and COVID-19. 

We are seeking creative collaboration and information sharing. If you would like to be considered for this panel, please send a short description of your research and ideas to Leah Mundell at leah.mundell@nau.edu and Lisa Hardy at lisa.hardy@nau.edu by November 14 if you are interested in participating.

Leah Mundell is a lecturer in anthropology and coordinator of the Civic Engagement Minor at Northern Arizona University.

Lisa J. Hardy is associate professor of anthropology and director of the Social Science Community Engagement Lab at Northern Arizona University.

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