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Spring issue is coming: Illustrating Mechanisms of Practice

Hello, everyone. We are excited to bring you the forthcoming spring issue of Practicing Anthropology. To welcome you to this issue we bring you images from Dr. Kerry Thompson and Ryan T. Wilson in Leupp, Arizona with the image pictured here: “Thompson/Wilson Hooghan Under Construction.”

From the introduction:

These images depict a fabulously satisfying symmetry. They also show the inner workings that hold up a home. This home has a long history in shape and place…The structure and symmetry of the shape that holds this home in place reminds me of the structure of what anthropologists do. We have underlying theories and methods that hold up the structures of our work. These methods and theories are not always visible even though they scaffold our work. In this issue, you will find articles on different topics, though each author illustrates their use of methods and/or building collaborative relationships.

Lisa J Hardy

The Navajo philosophical underpinnings that guide the construction of this hooghan are found in the concept of Hozho, very broadly translated as beauty and balance. Once the beautiful home is finished, these beams will be covered in drywall.

Kerry Thompson, Associate Professor and Department Chair at Northern Arizona University

Photo: Kerry F. Thompson and Ryan T. Wilson, Leupp, Arizona

Check this issue for reflections on practice from UX design, classroom engagement, and more.

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