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AYA – Your Fitness Journey

AYA Walking Characters

When have you considered the link of fitness and cultural narrative? In the fitness app AYA, that is exactly what you will find. AYA is an app that utilizes cultural narrative of the Chickasaw Nation with its rich history, language, prayer, and stories of their powerful journey. Each journey will encourage participants in the app to continue walking so that they can unlock another story. Find out more when you visit www.ayawalk.com. The fitness app can be found in Google Play or App Store in the Health and Fitness Section.

Continue reading about the AYA app in the upcoming issue of Practicing Anthropology in the article “Wearable Technology and Cultural Narrative: At the Intersection of Health and History” by Michelle Cooke and Judy Goforth Parker.

About the authors:

Michelle Cooke (michelle.cooke@chickasaw.net) is senior staff writer for Chickasaw Press and a Chickasaw citizen. She has worked for the Chickasaw Nation since 2007, where her focus has been about, teaching, and researching Chickasaw history and culture. She is the author of Protecting Our People: Chickasaw Law Enforcement in Indian Territory, published by Chickasaw Press in 2019. Her work has also appeared in The Journal of Chickasaw History and Culture, Chokma: Chickasaw Magazine, and the Chickasaw Basic Language workbook series. She studied English at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas, and holds a master’s degree in that subject.

Judy Goforth Parker (judy.parker@chickasaw.net) is the Commissioner of Health Policy for the Chickasaw Nation and a Chickasaw citizen. She previously served as the Secretary of Health in the Chickasaw Nation Department of Health (CNDH) from 2009-2018. She has a Ph.D. in nursing from Texas Women’s University and has completed her Nurse Practitioner degree at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Parker completed post-doctoral studies in the inaugural cohort of Meharry Medical College Post-Doctoral Degree Program partnership with the Division of Public Health Practice in the School of Graduate Studies and Research. Parker was a professor in the department of nursing at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, for almost twenty-five years. She has been an integral part of the CNDH for many years and was a staunch supporter of health issues within the tribal legislature.

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