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An Interview with Anuli Akanegbu about Podcasting and BLACK IRLTM in the summer issue of Practicing Anthropology

Check out this interview in our summer issue with anthropology PhD student and podcaster Anuli Akanegbu. You will definitely want to listen to Anuli’s podcast and read about the podcasting process. Anuli also provides podcasting training sessions on a consulting basis.

About the podcast and the project from the summer issue of Practicing Anthropology

BLK IRLTM website

The BLK IRLTM podcast is an audio docuseries that explores the business of “influencing” and the power dynamics at play in the act of cultural exchange.

The Project
The Project is an unapologetically Black multimedia research project that aims to showcase the expansiveness of Black identity in today’s Internet culture. The mission of BLK IRLTM is to produce work that bridges online content with offline contexts to achieve a more holistic understanding of how Black people navigate multiple worlds synchronously on a daily basis.

A few links of interest:

Listen and learn about Garth, the musician who created the intro sounds for the podcast.

Anuli’s talented and wonderful photography teacher and artist, Deborah Willis.

More information on Anuli’s work.

Anuli Akanegbu (Pronounced: Ah-noo-lee A-ka-nay-boo, is a scholar and media maker working at the intersection of business, communications, and culture. She is currently a Ph.D. student in sociocultural anthropology at New York University. Her dissertation project examines how race and desirability factor into the success of Black-identifying social media content creators, or “influencers” in the creative economy of Atlanta, GA. This project considers the convergence of social, physical, and digital worlds in the analyses of Internet culture and the creative economy, insisting on not only a geographical/spatial shift in discourse but also a temporal shift by positioning the American South as a site of Black modernity rather than solely Black history. Anuli is also the producer and host of BLK IRL (Pronounced: Black in Real Life), an independent podcast that explores the business of “influencing” and the power dynamics at play in the act of cultural exchange. Learn more about BLK IRL by visiting

BLK IRLTM Instagram and Twitter:

The entire interview is available to read in the new summer issue of Practicing Anthropology.

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