Upcoming Issue

Fall issue on the way: Anthropology in the Moment

As we enter the final season of what has been another year of highs and lows, we are excited to share with you the Fall 2021 issue of Practicing Anthropology (available in October). This issue’s authors reflect on the past and offer insight into what is to come. Below, we’ve pulled together a selection of COVID-19 art and posters that will be featured in the journal.

From the Introduction:

In the fall of 2021, we have all been inundated with life and work and research reflecting the global crises of the pandemic and climate emergencies. What I note now, as I review these contributions to the field, is the beginning of the next chapter, even though this current one is still in play. In these pages, I see the beginnings of innovation related to community and educational partnerships, health, and environmental disaster response. All articles here illustrate the varying ways social scientists contribute to global solutions. The images on our cover and in the issue include COVID-19 art and public health messaging that is regionally specific. Please continue to send these as you see them, and we will collect and host them here, as items of interest to our social science eyes that will become historically relevant in years to come. – Dr. Lisa J Hardy, Editor-in-Chief

As you look through and think about the images below, don’t forgot to send us your own examples of COVID-19 related art and imagery to share on the blog!

“Stand Two Sheep Apart”: Covid safety message from the Navajo Nation
“Social Distancing One Tarpon Apart”: Covid safety message from Islamorada, FL 
“Three Armadillos”: Covid safety message from Texas State Park (submitted by Heather Reisinger)
“Practice Kindness, Patience, and Philly love” Covid safety message from Philadelphia’s DiBruno Brothers
“Keep Maui County Healthy”: Covid safety message from Maui, HI 
“Pongan su chingadera”: Covid safety message from Harris County, TX (submitted by Elizabeth Farfán-Santos)
“No Mask No Tacos”: Covid safety message from Houston, TX (submitted by Elizabeth Farfán-Santos)

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