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Welcome to Our New Editorial Team Member!

We are excited to welcome Clara Beccaro as the newest member of Practicing Anthropology's Editorial Team! Clara Beccaro is PhD student in anthropology at the New School for Social Research, originally from France but currently a white settler in Manahata, Lenapehoking. Clara’s research focuses on bodily integrity and risk-taking in contemporary France, examined through the… Continue reading Welcome to Our New Editorial Team Member!

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Podcast about publishing

Are you new to the world of publishing? Do you have something important to say? Listen to this podcast hosted by Heritage Voices featuring the editors of several journals including PA. Publishing - Episode 19 ArcheoWebby July 17, 2018 On Today’s episode, Jessica hosts a panel focused on publishing. The panel includes Dr. Lisa Hardy… Continue reading Podcast about publishing

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Possible switch to peer-review – What do you think?

Practicing Anthropology is in the midst of considering a switch from an editor reviewed publication to a peer reviewed journal. We would like to explore this idea to 1) engage people in publishing by teaching how to review and submit publications so the process can be more community-engaged and less mystifying for nonacademic anthropologists and… Continue reading Possible switch to peer-review – What do you think?