News and Resources

Resources on Ethics

Codes and statements of ethics:

Society for Applied Anthropology Statement on Ethics

Ethics Statement from the National Association of Practicing Anthropologists

Examples of violence through disregard for ethics:

Tuskeegee Experiment 

Unethical use of Havasupai genetic material 

Examples of ethical dilemmas:

Examples from the ASA

Anthropologists working on ethics and big data:

Dr . Kendall Roark’s project “Big Data Ethics: Detecting Bias in Data Collection, Algorithmic Discrimination and “Informed Refusal” which she presented at the 2018 SfAA meetings.

More on ethics of digital data:

Mary Gray, 

Sara Pink  and the Data Ethnographies Lab

Kim Tallbear

Tom Boellstorff

Mitali Thakor

Colleen Strawhacker

Kim Christen

Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society

Practicing Anthropologists and Important Work

Immigrant Youth Project

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